ETF Strategies and Tactics

ETF Strategies and Tactics


In just a decade, the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) market has grown from one billion dollars to more than half-a-trillion dollars.

While previous books have provided introductions to and listings of ETFs, ETF Strategies and Tactics offers practical guidance on how to invest in these funds and use them to balance your portfolio.

Written by a powerhouse authorial team, ETF Strategies and Tactics thoroughly covers the ins and outs of ETFs, detailing how they work, their distinctive characteristics, who trades them, who owns them, and their advantages and disadvantages compared with other investment vehicles. As markets evolve, new ETFs come and go. This authoritative reference will keep you on top of your game by providing focused decision-making techniques that help determine the viability of any ETF, including its value in sector and international investing.

While laying out a proven, systematic ETF investment plan, ETF Strategies and Tactics covers such valuable topics as:

ETFs vs. mutual funds How ETFs are developed, what types of indexes are used, and the costs that determine returns How ETF regulations can help investors spot red flags in a fund and avoid tax problems The underlying tools of every ETF that can contribute to effective trading and minimized costs and taxes The proper use of ETFs based on an investor's goals and his/her ability to manage risk The unique short-selling opportunities associated with ETFs ETF options How to trade ETFs in the European market Inverse ETFs that go up when the market goes down
Complete with one-on-one interviews with professionals from major ETFs, as well as a number of valuable appendixes, ETF Strategies and Tactics is a unique guide you will keep at your fingertips during your day-to-day activities.

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