Innovating at the Edge

Innovating at the Edge


All organizations who are looking to improve performance through embracing new ideas, work in new ways, create new products and services, challenge the status quo or redefine their existing business environment have much to gain from this book. 'Innovating at the Edge' not only provides readers with an informed understanding of the latest developments in innovation practice but also presents them with the bigger picture. This enables them to determine how to build these advances into overall development of their own innovation capabilities and how to capitalize on the benefits available to them.

Today as the new economy is brought into line with the old, increasing fragmentation of a global economy drives change across multiple sectors. Organizations operating at the leading edge of the innovation paradigm are adopting a whole new set of approaches to help them redefine the present and build the future.

Learn how companies such as Egg, Dyson and Smint are redefining their markets, how organizations such as ARM and Qualcomm are deriving their soaring revenues wholly from licensing, and how firms such as Nokia and Nike are constantly evolving their product portfolios and associated value propositions. These real-life examples provide key lessons for all involved in creating and delivering new businesses, products and services.

Readers will understand where all these strands fit within an overall context of innovation evolution, and recognise that the inter-relationships between strategy, process and organization are the key enablers for achieving innovation improvements. Firms can then grasp and appreciate what they need to do in order to emulate these innovation leaders operating at the edge of contemporary practice.

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