National Incident Management System: Principles And Practice

National Incident Management System: Principles And Practice


Completely updated to reflect the changes in the December 2008 release of the National Incident Management System.

Developed and implemented by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) outlines a comprehensive national approach to emergency management. It enables federal, state, and local government entities along with private sector organizations to respond to emergency incidents together in order reduce the loss of life and property and environmental harm.

National Incident Management System: Principles and Practice, Second Edition translates the goals of the NIMS doctrine from theory into application, and provides straight-forward guidance on how to understand and implement NIMS within any private, emergency response, or governmental organization. The Second Edition features:

Up-to-date coverage of the most current NIMS guidelines
Progressive rural- and urban-based case studies, including completed ICS forms, help readers understand their roles within the various components of NIMS
Helpful tables and graphics to simplify complex subject matter and reinforce important NIMS concepts
National Incident Management System: Principles and Practice is ideal for:

* Fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement personnel
* Federal, state, tribal, and local governmental employees
* Health care professionals and hospital workers
* Any employee working for a private company that may be directly involved in response operations

Listen to a Podcast with National Incident Management System: Principles and Practice, Second Edition contributing author Dr. Donald W. Walsh to learn more about this training program!
Dr. Walsh discusses how the text incorporates scenarios to address the latest information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, how the author team's diverse backgrounds help make the text appealing to a wide audience, and more. To listen now, visit:

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