Hidden Menace

Hidden Menace


When Mossad operative Dov Shamir kills an al-Quaida terrorist in London, his face is captured on a webcam, turning what should have been a routine assassination into a nightmare. Branded a "rogue operative" and abandoned by his own people, Dov takes refuge in the home of the one man he can count on to help him - a Palestinian intellectual who was his professor and mentor at the School of Oriental and African Studies where he did his PhD. Though Dov and Rahman are divided by politics, Rahman is a man of immense personal loyalty and a staunch opponent of anything that will bring the Palestinian cause into disrepute (as well as being Dov's former SCUBA diving partner). But it becomes particularly important to help when Dov reveals the terrorists' plan to blow up the sunken wreckage of an old World War II munitions ship packed with high explosives. But when the terrorists ambush them, Dov has to form an uneasy alliance with Salima - Rahman's feisty and distrustful 24-year-old daughter. Unable to convince the skeptical authorities that the attack on the ship is anything other than a desperate fabrication by Dov, their only hope is a junior police officer. But he has motives of his own. And with the net closing in on the fleeing Israeli operative, Dov and Salima find themselves caught in a race against time to stop the attack before hundreds of innocent people are killed.

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