Escape from a Video Game : The Secret of Phantom Island

Escape from a Video Game : The Secret of Phantom Island


Young gamers control the action in this interactive new series from the bestselling author of Trapped in a Video Game. With more than 30 endings and an unlockable bonus adventure, The Secret of Phantom Island promises hours of screen-free fun.

Cooper Hawke and the Secret of Phantom Island is the greatest video game nobody has ever played. The treasure-hunting adventure was supposed to set a new standard for gaming. Then, just one month before its release date, it fell off the face of the earth.

Now, for the first time, you get a chance to play the mysterious game-from the inside. As you outsmart enemies, solve puzzles, and explore the island's hidden areas, you'll discover that there's more to this game than the world realized.

Escape from a Video Game is an innovative pick-your-plot story that promises two adventures for the price of one! The main adventure builds critical thinking skills by rewarding young readers for solving puzzles and making sound choices with non-stop action and huge plot twists. Once readers beat the video game within the book, they'll get a chance to hunt for every possible ending. Finding all the book's endings reveals a code that readers can use to unlock a secret story online.

Fans of the best-selling Trapped in a Video Game series, as well as new readers, will quickly come to appreciate the page-turning action to uncover more secrets about the mysterious video game company Bionosoft.

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