International Law : Norms, Actors, Process [Connected eBook with Study Center]

International Law : Norms, Actors, Process [Connected eBook with Study Center]


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Written by some of the leading International Law scholars in the nation, International Law: Norms, Actors, Process: A Problem-Oriented Approach employs a unique problem-based approach to examining international issues. Using real-life case studies as teaching problems, the text explores the processes for making and applying international law, with an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond mere doctrinal explanation.

New to the Fifth Edition: An introduction to international law through the Julian Assange episode Presentation of state responsibility through the problem of cyber espionage and of the responsibility of international organizations through the problem of sexual assaults by UN peacekeepers Integration of new U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the Alien Tort Statute, jurisdiction, and other topics Analysis of the challenges that artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons pose to international humanitarian law Comprehensive treatment of the Paris Accord on Climate Change New cases and analysis on the role and legitimacy of international courts

Professors and students will benefit from: Contemporary problems as a vehicle for learning international legal rules and processes Clear explanation of legal rules and institutions Interdisciplinary approach to international law with attention to the law's relevance in global affairs Careful selection and editing of primary materials to produce a casebook of teachable dimensions Inclusion of maps, charts, and photographs A casebook website offering relevant texts and updates

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