In the Secret Place of the Most High

In the Secret Place of the Most High


WALK INTO THE SECRET PLACE of the Most High and experience freedom from this present world darkness and you won't want to leave. Yet, Eunice, a single mother, is surprised at what she finds in that place. Her four-year-old son narrowly escapes a fatal accident only to disappear in small sleepy Candler. She has difficult colleagues at her new job and a troubled student with a mysterious past who insists on drawing her into the enigma. Add to the above an aging mother who lives with her, a decrepit car and long road trip, an adventure story of intrigue and you have In The Secret Place Of The Most High, a entertaining novel, packed with adventure, whimsical characters, and wisdom....a read that will draw you again and again into a secret place. "A talented writer with deep loyalties to the truth of God's Word creates both interest and biblical candor about the spiritual battles of life. Rebecca House's gifts as a writer of fiction enables her to compel our attention toward using biblical truth to defeat intrusive evil. Those who read this book will enjoy its wholesome entertainment while absorbing its spiritual message of the believer's victory in Christ." Mark I. Bubeck, president emeritus of Deeper Walk International and author of The Adversary, Overcoming The Adversary, Raising Lambs Among Wolves, and Fire From Heaven. In 1985, Rebecca House left a promising career in academia to rear two children who are now grown. She is currently working on her second novel, The Severed Silver Cord, which continues the tale of Eunice and her victory over the darkness. Check out her website at http: //

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