Speech to Print Workbook : Language Exercises for Teachers

Speech to Print Workbook : Language Exercises for Teachers


The ideal companion to the third edition of the bestselling Speech to Print textbook, this revised workbook helps teachers deepen their understanding of spoken and written English, practice and strengthen their skills and knowledge, and prepare to deliver high-quality reading instruction. Speech to Print author Louisa Moats has partnered with Bruce RosowaEURO"an experienced special educator and teacher of teachersaEURO"to develop an updated and engaging new edition of the workbook that gets todayaEURO (TM)s teachers ready for success in the classroom.

As in the previous editions, the exercises in the new workbook cover all the areas addressed in the textbook, including phonetics and phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Users will find dozens of new exercises, updates and revisions throughout, and student-friendly features such as chapter quizzes, answer keys, and tips on teaching language concepts to their own students.

Perfect for preservice teacher education courses or for in-service professional development, this workbook will help ensure that educators grasp the complex concepts in Speech to PrintaEURO"and successfully teach children the critical literacy skills theyaEURO (TM)ll need for the rest of their lives.


More than 30 brand-new exercises not found in the Speech to Print textbook

Revised and updated exercises throughout

Extensive new content and exercises addressing syntax and semantics

New chapter quizzes reinforcing teachersaEURO (TM) knowledge of language building blocks, including phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, and semantics

Exercises that provide models and tips for teaching selected concepts to students

A new final course exam

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