The Reading Comprehension Blueprint : Helping Students Make Meaning from Text

The Reading Comprehension Blueprint : Helping Students Make Meaning from Text


Comprehension is a primary ingredient of reading success-but most educators aren't taught how to deliver structured comprehension instruction in their classrooms. K-8 teachers will find the guidance they need in this groundbreaking professional resource from Nancy Hennessy, former IDA President and an expert on reading comprehension. Meticulously researched and masterfully organized, this book offers a clear blueprint for understanding the complexities of reading comprehension and delivering high-quality, evidence-based instruction that helps students construct meaning from challenging texts.
,br>Aligned with the science of reading and IDA's Structured Literacy approach, this book is a must for in-service educators and an ideal supplement to pair with core literacy textbooks. Today's teachers will get the essential knowledge and practical tools they need to help every student become a proficient reader-and build a strong foundation for school success.

Educators will:

Get critical background knowledge.Synthesizing decades of research on reading comprehension, this book provides educators with all the fundamentals they need to teach this key component of reading proficiency.
Master the blueprint. Teachers will get a complete framework for organizing instruction, aligned with the language comprehension strands of Scarborough's Reading Rope. In-depth chapters are devoted to each facet of reading comprehension, including vocabulary, syntax and sentence comprehension, text structures, background knowledge, and levels of understanding and inference.
Make it work in the classroom. Educators will find practical guidance and tools for planning their units and lessons, adapting to the needs of individual students, and assessing student progress. (An interactive book study guide makes this book easy to use as a professional development resource.)

Practical materials:

To help them apply the science of reading comprehension and design high-quality instruction, teachers will get classroom activities, sample lesson plans, and questions that help them reflect on and strengthen their practices. The photocopiable teaching resources, including unit and lesson plan organizers, can be used again and again in the classroom.

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