How to Read a Poem : A practical guide which will open your eyes - and touch your heart

How to Read a Poem : A practical guide which will open your eyes - and touch your heart


Malcolm Hebron writes with one aim in mind: to help you read, understand and appreciate poetry. The English language has an extraordinarily rich stock of poems to its credit, from the epic Beowulf, written perhaps as early as the eighth century, to the poetry of Simon Armitage, Carol Ann Duffy and the many other fine writers working today. This slim volume is packed with good advice on how to get the most of great poems, whether old or new. Look for the surprising words, for example - that's one good tip. They will help you understand what the poet is trying to say. And look for the conflict in a poem - there's always some kind of central tension or opposition in great poetry. "Out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry," observed W.B. Yeats. This book explains, too, those puzzling technical terms used to describe the tricks poets use, like enjambment, and shows how they use them to brilliant effect. Here are explained too the mysteries of rhythm, sound, meter and poetic imagery, amidst a wide variety of wonderful examples of great poetry, from Thomas Hardy to W.H. Auden. After reading this short book, you will approach any poem you read with fresh eyes.

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