What Lies Buried : A forensic psychologist's true stories of madness, the bad and the misunderstood

What Lies Buried : A forensic psychologist's true stories of madness, the bad and the misunderstood



'What Lies Buried is a towering achievement. Kerry takes us deep into the minds of the disturbed and dangerous and challenges our very humanity. As gripping as any thriller. Her dry wit and humour keeps it real.'
BARBARA MACHIN, screen writer and creator of Waking the Dead

'Pacy and gripping. Daynes uses her trademark mix of humour and humanity to shine a light on those we rarely get to hear from. A brilliant, important and sensitive book.' SARAH LANGFORD, barrister and bestselling author of In Your Defence

'What Lies Buried is an exceptional book . . . I could not put it down.' FEMALE FIRST, 5 STAR REVIEW

'Kerry's dedication (and impressive ability) to read between the lines and cast aside prejudice, going beyond the question she is so often asked in her profession: "Are they mad or bad?"' DAILY MAIL

Kerry Daynes, leading forensic psychologist, opens up the case files of some of her most perplexing clients to uncover what lies buried behind some of the most extreme and disturbing behaviour.

For twenty-five years, Kerry has worked on the frontline of violent crime, from working with the police on complex cases and acting as an expert witness in court, to advising the government on how to handle high-risk individuals.

Whether she is dealing with a young murderer who says he has heard voices telling him to kill, a teacher who daubs children in red paint, or an aspiring serial killer who faints at the sight of blood, Kerry's quest is to delve beyond the classic question asked of her profession: 'Are they mad or are they bad?'

In her new book, Kerry provides an unflinching, enlightening and provocative insight into the minds of her clients, shedding light on the root causes of their behaviour and challenging our notions about who, and what, is dangerous.

If you enjoyed The Dark Side of the Mind, Unnatural Causes and The Prison Doctor, you will be captivated by What Lies Buried.

'Kerry is an absolutely brilliant storyteller. I found this book challenging my preconceptions about the criminal mind with the turn of each page.' DAVID ROBSON, author of The Intelligence Trap

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