Machine Learning in Python : Hands on Machine Learning with Python Tools, Concepts and Techniques

Machine Learning in Python : Hands on Machine Learning with Python Tools, Concepts and Techniques


Are you excited about Artificial Intelligence and want to get started?Are you excited about Machine Learning and want to learn how to implement in Python?

The book below is the answer.

Given the large amounts of data we use everyday; whether it is in the web, supermarkets, social media etc. analysis of data has become integral to our daily life. The ability to do so effectively can propel your career or business to great heights. Machine Learning is the most effective data analysis tool. While it is a complex topic, it can be broken down into simpler steps, as show in this book. We are using Python, which is a great programming language for beginners.

Python is a great language that is commonly used with Machine Learning. Python is used extensively in Mathematics, Gaming and Graphic Design. It is fast to develop and prototype. It is web capable, meaning that we can use Python to gather web data. It is adaptable, and has great community of users.

Here's What's Included In This Book:

What is Machine Learning? Why use Python? Regression Analysis using Python with an example Clustering Analysis using Python with an example Implementing an Artificial Neural Network Backpropagation 90 Day Plan to Learn and Implement Machine Learning Conclusion

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