Murder in Wyoming : A Rebecca Bauer Hotel Mystery

Murder in Wyoming : A Rebecca Bauer Hotel Mystery


Is Rebecca a magnet for murder? If you like puzzles, if you like women detectives, and if you want to know about the amazing wilderness of one of the emptiest states in the Union, this is the book for you. The Boston hotel manager is sent to check out a dude ranch resort in Wyoming. Far away from home and everything familiar, she finds a murdered woman floating in the spa pool and becomes a suspect. Shocked and frightened, she finds herself in danger from people who want to get rid of her. The only way out is to join ranks with the closed small-town Wyoming community and to become a sleuth as well. This big-city girl will have to brave broken limbs, rattlesnakes, runaway horses, wild bears, and getting lost in the endless wilderness, but she will save herself and find the killer. The adventure is clear cut, but Rebecca will also learn the value of community. A new character in the series is Amy Redding, an American Indian nurse, who will let us share the heartbreak of the Indian reservations in the United States. Amy is more than what she seems. All the hotel knowledge in the world will not help get the answers that Hanley, the owner of Rebecca's hotel chain, wants in order to decide about purchasing the resort. The secret lies in the complicated and manipulative relationship between the resort owner and his adopted granddaughter who manages the ranch. She has her own agenda and when Rebecca discovers it, she will have the answer for her boss. There is potential for sadness, but there is also humor. Rebecca will do almost anything to avoid getting up on a horse, but everyone expects her to ride. Ride, she will, with a disastrous outcome. There is a solution for everyone and the unexpected team of Rebecca, Amy, and the local police detective will find it.

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